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As many of you saw from my FaceBook post on Sunday, ice has arrived in the Salmon River canyon and has caused a bit of a speed bump in the fall fishery. I am optimistic that this will pass; especially because the National Weather Service forecast for the next five days is predicting warmer weather […]


Steelhead fishing is HOT! This report is one that a girl like me dreams of writing…it’s filled with BIG fish and lots of fish. So if you have been waiting to book your trip, its time! How about Shane’s freaking pig shown above? (His smile says it all!) That girthy native monster measured 38” and […]

Exodus Wilderness Adventures Steelhead October 2014

Happy Halloween! Can you believe that October is almost over? It was an amazing month with such warm sunny days that it felt like summer was never going to end. But end it did and we have had blustery, wet, cooler days more in line with fall than that of the first of the month. […]

exodus wilderness adventures matt parker viki elliott salmon river steelhead 10 13 2014

It’s hard to believe we are already half way into October. These fall months go so quickly (to me) and yet they have so much to offer; it would be nice to have them go by a little slower. I spent last weekend in Oregon for the opening of pheasant season. Finally, after three tries, […]


Welcome October and what a beautiful start to the month. Our days have been warm and sunny with cool crisp nights and it has begun to feel like fall. The colors are changing, cars are going by the shop with deer, elk, and moose antlers tied down, and as predicted the hatch of the fly […]


A Happy Chinook Fisherman with a Beautiful Salmon River Chinook Holy Crap…I was wrong! Folks I apologize for my optimistic prediction of the Chinook season on the Salmon River. Apparently the fishing has been so darn good for the past 12 days that we’re near the 2014 harvest quota. Because of this, the Idaho Department […]

chinook salmon measuring 40 inches long, weighing 22 pounds

The million dollar question…when will the river drop giving us the best Chinook fishing? Man I wish I had that answer! Fortunately NOAA gives us lots of clues regarding weather and predicted river flows which help us make a better guess at that answer. This week the weather has been quite spring like with rain […]


The Chinook are coming and so is the high water Officially, as of May 7th, two fish have made it to the Rapid River Hatchery and one fish has been harvested! The fish harvested was a lovely 40” hen that my neighbor caught just below the Salmon Rapids Lodge at the confluence of the Little […]

shirlene hodge and native steelhead with exodus wilderness adventures

Wow steelhead fishing was good last week! We had a blast with lots of fish and big fish dominated the week. Rusty started the trend with a 7 fish day on Wednesday the 26th with Randy and Shirlene Halford in the drift boat. Shirlene was so excited for her day of fishing that she was […]


Is that getting you excited for your trip this weekend, Kevin? What a magnificent winter hatchery steelhead that was! The Salmon River is almost completely free of ice and fishing extremely well right now. As I reported last week, downriver from Riggins is open with no ice and as of the past weekend, the upriver […]