For anyone thinking to have an adventure outside the country, there is often lots that must be considered and certain things that must be ‘given up’ when making the move. Often we move away from family, friends and the familiarity of places we have known for a long time, friends and the familiarity of places we have known for quite a while, to discover some place new that will afford us a better quality of life. It stands to reason that if we are to move away from much that we hold dear, then we would just do that if our new homeland presented something really special. Here are the greatest worldwide adventures of a travel writer.



Canada is the Shangri-La of the modern world which is the best adventures of a travel writer.. It is a multi cultural country that covers a huge space, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west making it the world’s second largest country. It is a land that was inhabited for thousands of years by Aboriginal people until the early fifteenth century when the British and the French investigated and settled acquiring Europeans their masses and a pull of war between the two super powers followed for supremacy over the land.

Potentially because of the huge land-mass complete dominance was hard to win and the country was part amongst English and French speaking colonies. Very much broadcasted arguments over the governing structure and the constant call for autonomy from certain French quarters have race right up ’til the present time, yet thankfully this is no more an issue that clouds over the country itself. Canada is no more seen as America’s dorky cousin that cannot unify itself. It has ventured out of the USA’s shadow to end up a world leader in quality of living. Characterizing itself as the most dynamic country on earth for sustainability and a bona fide love and care for its natural habitat.

United Kingdom.

UK will never be finished if you don’t investigate the city of London first mostly by having adventures of a travel writer.. There, you can see the world-famous Big Ben, a huge clock that stood the trial of time, and you can also discover the Westminster Palace, the Westminster Abbey, and St.Paul’s Cathedral – all are great sights to behold. Obviously, we should not disregard all of London’s restaurants, parks, and shopping focuses, and really, London isn’t a city that you ought to bypass.


Few structures in the earth are as mysterious as the Stonehenge. Worked over 5000 years ago, this massive conglomeration of huge stones made to fit together like altars still represent a mystery to all the individuals who see it. Up to this point, there’s no one who knows how the Stonehenge was manufactured or what it was for.


In Philippine there are beautiful beaches for the adventures of a travel writer., you’ll see that Boracay is as beautiful as they come – just it’s turned out to be a lot of a tourist trap. You’ll see that commercial establishments top off nearly every last bit of the famous beach front, and you’ll locate the same bistros, cafes and even fast-food establishments you’d find in Manila or Makati.


Indeed, even the same blend of local celebrities and natives of the party world are there. For people who want something nearer to nature, calmer and equally gorgeous, a better choice would be to adventure the island of Siquijor. Siquijor has beautiful beaches and jump spots as well, however it remains entirely untainted by unreasonable commercialization.

Costa Rica

Situated in Central America, Costa Rica is first on our rundown of best places to adventures of a travel writer. It’s a great travel destination for one taking a gander at adventure sports as well as a traveler looking for a peaceful getaway. Costa Rica is known for its tropical climate. The country boasts of a different culture and abounds in wildlife and natural beauty. Canopy tours or zip-lines are an extremely popular tourist activity all through Costa Rica. Different activities writers will appreciate incorporate kayaking, surfing, hiking and horseback riding.


The conservative Muslim country in South East Asia has over and over risen as a favorable locale for the travelers. It is also rated as safe for best adventures of a travel writer.. Its demographics display a marvelous mix of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. It is known for its zesty and flavorful culinary delights. At Malaysia you can set up at a beach resort or a five star hotel. There is a lot of open air exploration including shopping and wildlife adventure to keep you possessed all through.

Stockholm, Sweden

Many travel writers prefer to take their adventure in the rustic environs. Be that as it may, if you would love to be encompassed by the solaces of urban life, you could make your reservations for Stockholm this holiday season. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is touted as one of the best European cities. It has a vibrant culture and historical background. It accommodates countless galleries and museums. It is brimming with attractions to be delighted in by singles, couples and families. And since it has dozens of lakes, a boat-ride is an absolute necessity if you have an adventure in Sweden.



The Craziest Night Of My Life In London

Every one agrees London is one crazy city where the fun never gets dried up, there are very few dull moments in London. The famous city that has managed to preserve its prominence through the ages, surviving the biting fangs of time and history still glowing in it its amicable resplendence in a modern today. I have had memorable nights of course in my life that would be forever locked in the safe rooms of my memory, I will never forget them. But most exciting of them well is my craziest night which I had in the memorable city of London of time. One big night out with a close routine here 1bignightout.com


The night starts at the Proud Galleries

I rocked through venues like the Proud Galleries. There are few better moments in London than been entertained by Tinie Tempah. But my night wouldn’t end there as my pleasurable nocturnal melodrama extended from the Proud Galleries to The Crowdale as I still enjoyed my night out at Two Door Cinema Club.

I can never get enough of Latino Music

Of course I love Latino music, I love it when the music hit me mercilessly in its tempest of sound. Such weird addictive taste was what dragged me to the The Cuban and Made in Brasil. The craze got really messier as we rocked at caprinhas while we labored our hips enthusiastically to the rolling beats drunk in the ecstasy of the night.

The night gets tastier at Camden Lock to Be@1

A normal me would retire home for the night after all these exhaustive fun tasks. But this night, I still had a full bank of energy to still splash on more pleasures, rocking crazily through the Camden Lock to Be@1, there are few people in London who don’t know there, working myself to the sounds being shelled at us by the DJ. We pounced on the dance floor like the dance floor stole our diamonds rocking recklessly all through the early morning as my feet needlessly begged for a presidential pardon from the dance I had sentenced it to.


That famous night will get wrapped up wit some lovely shots of cocktails. That night is surely one I will never forget, never would I get as mad as that in a long while. One of those nights whose memories are locked in the cold rooms of my mind never to be rotted by time.